Track and Monitor your Solar Generation with the App

We design every solar array we install to make the most of every hour of sunlight. That means calculating energy efficiency based on the pitch of your roof, shade, orientation of your house, along with a variety of other considerations.

But, what we can never take into account is the end user – that is: you.

That’s because in the past the end user never had enough information to be an active part of saving energy using solar panels. 

But with the system integrated app, we’re empowering our clients to increase the efficiency of their solar panels through education and information.

The simple interface and granularity of the app’s data will not only allow users to see how much energy their solar panels are generating, but also how they can change their habits to optimize their energy consumption.

Plus, it comes with bragging rights.

Understanding your solar panels through data

To help our clients understand their energy generation, we’ve chosen an app that will reveal information that allows our clients to track power by time and even placement.

In the example above, you’ll see 30 days of solar power generation up to and including October 18th. In this particular Lethbridge 9.9kW installation, you can see the power generated day over day for the last 30 days.

The GIF above will also show the power generated by each individual panel throughout each minute of the day. So if you want to know which of your solar panels is most productive at five o’clock on October 18th, you can find it in the app. Or, if you want to know which panel is the most productive over the course of the year, you can find that out too.

Using the data to optimize your energy consumption

Of course, for some people (like us) this data is incredibly interesting just to look at and track. But, our app offers more than just a pretty graph. By tracking the data on your phone or smart device, you can, over time, learn to optimize your energy consumption to better fit your energy production.

By keeping in touch with the data, you’ll come to understand when your panels are producing and when they’re not, which you can use to adjust heating, lighting and other devices in your home to better match the energy output to the solar input.

This added knowledge empowers you to make the most of your solar panels.

Ensuring your solar array is functioning how it should

As solar panels age, one of the most important data points on the app will be the ability to track how much power each solar panel is producing over time. 

Based on these numbers, you can pinpoint damaged or worn out solar panels, and even switch around panels to ensure your best panels see the most sun possible.

This puts you in charge of the upkeep of your solar panels by giving you the data to understand exactly how each unit is performing.

The most important benefits of all

Of course, probably the most important benefit of the app is the bragging rights. Using the app, you can show your neighbour, family and friends exactly how much energy you’re producing, and therefore how much money you’re saving across the year.

And that alone makes the app worth the cost of coding!

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