Luc Roberts

Solar & Geothermal

We have geothermal heating and solar panels from Energy Smart! We’ve had maybe one issue in the two years and Rudy had the team out to fix the problem the next day! Would recommend them to anyone.

Diana Plessis

Solar Customer

A big “shout-out” for – Rudy and his wonderful staff at Energy Smart/Arctic Spas, they installed a 12kw Solar installation at our place in the Rockies in BC and a “heat pump” hot water tank. From the start Rudy and Ian were someone we could work with – they answered our question, looked at our data and sized our solar to accommodate our energy requirements. There were many question, many details that Rudy and Ian handled! We went “live” and it has been exciting – a handy app lets you “watch” as the sun feeds you “free and green” power, also shows your “effort” in saving Co2 emissions. Again, after start up, some questions arise and they were answered with patience! This has been a dream of mine for a long time, and it is fantastic to have worked together with Energy Smart to make it come true. This type of service you won’t find in the “big city” and I am so glad we found them in Lethbridge! But, I have to laugh, as we wandered around the store, Rudy pointed out the “Traeger” grills and my husband being a lover of all things “meat” had to have one, so in the back of the truck it went ( lol, and not like Rudy didn’t REALLY “sell” how great they are) – BUT now, we don’t know how we would live without it, as he said “set it and forget it” ! A great place to shop – with very knowledgeable and friendly staff!

Laura Chasmer

Solar Customer

Energy Smart and Corellian helped us with a small sun room extension with solar panels. Every part of the extension was done beautifully and the solar panels work amazingly (even despite the haze from wildfires)! We can also monitor how well the solar panels are working each day (depending on the amount of sun they are receiving) and reduction of CO2 through the use of the solar panels. Everything was done on time and very professionally. I highly recommend working with Energy Smart and Ian!

Wesley Thiessen


The service and the atmosphere! I love the owner and how he is so down to earth and intentionally friendly.

Veronica Zdun


I have been a customer since 2006. The service is excellent as is quality of their products.

Hans-Henning Muendel

Solar Customer

We had long been considering how to reduce our carbon footprint locally – at our home in Sunset Acres. We discussed wind and solar energy, but we heard that the wind gusts broke small wind turbines.

Then after the August 2013 hailstorm damaged roofs and even siding in south Lethbridge, we visited friends who had major hail damage, but their solar panels, installed by Rudy and Stella Reger and their EnergySmart Canada, had NO DAMAGE. Seeing that the photovoltaic cells were HAIL RESISTANT while roofing right beside it was damaged clinched it, we decided to get solar panels.

By this time provincial regulations were in place permitting residential solar microgeneration and bi-directional meters were also possible (i.e. no batteries were needed as we could feed into the grid when more electricity was produced than used and draw from the grid when needed on cloudy days and at night).  No CO2 would be produced for generating our electricity. It was time for us to make a move!

Rudy and Stella’s EnergySmart company installed our 24 solar panels (photovoltaic cells), which were activated on 20 December 2013. Our system is rated as a 6 KWp solar PV system, consisting of 24-250 W Conergy PV modules. It is ground mounted, anchored in concrete blocks – we have an acreage, so we have the space and our roof is shake shingles. All subcontracts and regulation paper-work was carried out on our behalf by EnergySmart. Our signature was all we needed to provide.  

Over the first full 4 years of operation, our home ended up being net-negative for electric use with a overall average of almost 108% of our annual electricity needs! While in the first year we produced just 90% of our electric needs, we made adjustments in use. Now we are very happy with the result!

Our installation and the bar graph showing those 4 years are shown. Variation over years is amazingly small! Our microgeneration averaged 8262 kwh. Attached also is a graph over the months, over all the years since installation. Note the ‘wonky’ graph for 2015 during mid-year; this is when the monitor acted up and needed replacing!

It has been wonderful with working with EnergySmart, Rudy and Ian Magill (in charge of our actual installation and documentation) were so easy and friendly to work with!

Bev Muendel-Atherstone and Hans-Henning Muendel in Sunset Acres