Water Saving Products

Water is arguably the most important resource in the world, and as such, we need to be conscious of how we treat and use our water. With running water literally at our fingertips, it can seem inexpensive and endless, but the reality is that clean water is a limited resource and it needs to be conserved.

We carry a variety of products to help people conserve water.

A premium-designed dual flush toilet that has set new water-conservation standards in toilet-technology. Browse through our impressive Caroma toilets!

Create an in-home spa in your own bathroom. Combining technology that’s more enjoyable than a shower while using less water, Relax-a-mist is the perfect addition to your dream bathroom.

Water often brings with it unwanted minerals that can clog pipes and make plumbing less efficient. Check out the water conditioning products we use to make sure new plumbing installations stay efficient throughout their life cycles!