Energy Saving Products

The demands on our ecosystem grow every year because we all wish to have a more and more comfortable lifestyle. But this takes a lot of energy to achieve. Fortunately these days, thanks to a growing understanding that our world is not an endless source of energy, companies are offering more than just the latest tech to improve our lives – they’re also offering smart ways to help people save energy.

We want to support your lifestyle – but in a sustainable way. That’s why we carry a variety of products that will help lighten your environmental footprint, but without asking you to drastically change the way you live.

Hot showers are a simple pleasure, until you get the energy bill – then they’re just expensive. Browse our water heaters and steal back the pleasure of a hot shower.

Inconsistent heating is a reality in older homes, but our energy efficient space heaters can make sure your home is warm in every corner, while keeping your energy bill low.

Don’t let all that energy from heating your hot water go down the drain. Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) systems save you energy and money by reusing that energy to heat the water entering your hot water tank.

You don’t have to give up a relaxing soak in the hot tub to save energy. Slip into an Arctic Spas hot tub to see how much a Canadian-built spa can save you.