Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) = Is the process by which you can capture latent thermal heat going down the drain in your home. This heat is captured and returned to your hot water tank. We at Energy Smart Canada carry a product from Water Cycles. DWHR systems are great investments for longevity of your domestic water heating system, amount of hot water available and for return on your investment in the form of energy savings.




caroma logo blackDual flush toilets, a proven way to save water, save money and save the environment. Here at Energy Smart Canada we sell Caroma toilets, we believe these to be the best dual flush toilets on the market. Let us help you save 69,000 litres of water a year. With award winning toilets featuring 4" traps and wash down technology.

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log_halfRelax-A-Mist steamers are a Canadian produced item. These high quality products allow you to have a spa in your shower. Steam bathing can be very energy efficient if you use a Relax-A-Mist, using just 1.5 quarts of water in a 15minute session. Steam baths are amazing for your body opening up pores flushing out grime and bacteria while also clearing up the sinuses and nasal passages. Steam baths are also great for fending off colds and soothing achy muscles. A total soothing experience.

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