2013 is the year to consider a Solar PV system! There has never been a better time to install a solar system on your home, business, commercial building, farm, etc, then right NOW! With prices of panels on the decline and better compensation plans being offered from various power providers, you couldn't ask for a better time to go solar. Having the peace of mind that a Solar system gives you is priceless. Security from rising electrical costs, an increased value of your property and the list goes on.






Energy Smart Canada is proud to provide high quality photovoltaic products for any application. With a wide variety of different manufacturers to choose from, we guarantee the best array for your needs. We are the full package 'one stop shop' solar providers; solar modules, inverters, wiring, mounting and installation available. Modules available from: Conergy, AEE Solar, Evergreen, Mitsubishi, Kyocera, REC and SolarWorld. We can configure a solar system right for you, starting at any size for any application.


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