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Your Smart Solution for Hard Water Problems

HydroFlow is an environmentally responsible way of treating your hard water problems.

Why HydroFlow?

HydroFlow keeps the minerals in your water

HydroFlow is much more cost effective compared with a traditional water softening system

HydroFlow prevents lime scale/calcium build ups, thus improving the efficiency of your appliances, water heaters and water flow

HydroFlow is environmentally responsible by not dumping large amounts of excess salt down the drain

HydroFlow saves you money! By prolonging the life of your appliances and hot water system while also improving the heat transfer of you hot water system and water flow thus saving you energy and water

HydroFlow is easy to install on any new or old system, it works to prevent lime scale/calcium build up from occurring, while breaking up existing lime scale/calcium desposits. It also works to prevent corrosion in your pipes.

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