Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Caroma Toilets

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Dual Flush Toilets, a proven way to save water, save money and save the environment BUT only when they actually work!. Here at Energy Smart Canada we sell Caroma toilets because we believe these to be the very best dual flush High Efficient Toilets(HET) on the market. We believe that efficiency can be practical, that is why we can help you save an est. 69,000 litres of water a year with a toilet that will not clog. Caroma features award winning toilets with 4" traps and wash down technology. Caroma toilets are all backed with a lifetime replacement warranty on the flushing mechanisms.


We sell all different styles of Caroma toilets for almost any application, choose a pleasent style from our large selection of models. We have short models, elongated models,  ADA models with higher seats, commercial models and stylish one piece models. Come into our showroom to see some of the different thrones available.

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For an example of the success of Caroma Toilets read the case study on the Hilton Palacio




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