Energy Smart Canada is excited to offer geothermal products from Geo Comfort Geothermal Systems. We believe Geo Comfort offers the highest quality, most efficient and best technical support in Geothermal systems..

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GeoComfort Compass Series geothermal systems are expertly designed to be technologically advanced, exceptionally efficient and uniquely crafted. The result is a heating and cooling system as beautiful as it is functional. These units offer all of the reliability and comfort you've come to expect from GeoComfort systems with the visual appeal and added benefits that are truly ground breaking.

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GeoComfort Compass Series geothermal systems. Our combination systems merge a forced air heating and cooling system with the indulgence of whisper-quiet radiant floor heating in a single unit. This system allows your family to enjoy the comfort of floor-warming, hydronic heat in specific parts of your home while also delivering efficient forced air heating in other areas. As with all GeoComfort geothermal systems, air conditioning is also supplied by this single unit.

Compass series Vertical Combination System brochures.pdf

GeoComfort hydronic (water-to-water) units offer a unique set of system benefits, the most remarkable of which is radiant floor heating. This extremely comfortable heating solution warms your home from the floor up, allowing for constant and uniform heat distribution without hot and cold spots.

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The GeoComfort geothermal split system is probably your most versatile system, equally well suited for new construction and existing home installations. The spacesaving footprint of this unit makes it an excellent choice for new construction homes with minimal space for mechanical equipment. The unit can be used alone or added to a conventional furnace in new or existing homes to supplement the geothermal system in severe temperatures.
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