We at Energy Smart Canada provide systems that work up too 500% efficiencies in comparison to traditional heating or cooling systems. The reason for this is that Geothermal Technology extracts free energy from the earth for you to use.


A Geothermal System is made up of several components, including: pumps, compressors, pipes, ground source, heat exchangers and heat exchange fluid. The interplay of these components is how we take advantage of the constant temperature of the ground and achieve such high relative efficiencies.


The ground receives energy from both above and below the surface. The earths core heats the ground from below while about 50% of the suns rays are absorbed by the surface. The earth maintains a constant temperature due to the continual renewal of energy by these sources. Geothermal Systems take advantage of these constant temperatures through; closed loop systems or using an open loop system.Closed loop systems come in three variations; horizontal, vertical and pond loops. Open loop systems take advantage of existing wells or underground aquifers. Heat exchange fluid, which is made from an environmentally friendly antifreeze solution, fills your loop system and is pumped throughout your Geothermal Field.


Once the heat exchange fluid is in your building it is pumped through a ground source heat pump that extracts the energy from the fluid in the form of heat. This is done by a compressor/refrigerant system which takes the heat from the heat exchange fluid via a heat exchanger and then transfers that heat to your application.


500% efficiency is determined by measuring the relationship between electricity used and the energy released by your system. Electricity is used to power: the pump(s), compressor and/or fan. For every 1 unit of energy(in the form of electricity) you put into your system you remove an additional 4 units of energy from the earth and finish with 5 units of energy from your Geothermal System.


This efficiency allows for tremendous savings in energy. You can save up to %75 on energy bills allowing for a quick return on your investment. Combined with these energy savings Geothermal brings unmatched comfort through much more constant temperatures. Geothermal also adds safety, with the elimination of combustion and gas lines.

Geothermal: A responsible, safe, reliable, comfortable and cost effective investment.


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