• Remove the cost of a furnace and installation
  • Remove the cost of an air conditioner and installation
  • Remove the cost of pouring concrete for an air conditioner
  • Remove the cost of a boiler and installation
  • Remove the cost of running a gas line


  • Doesn't dry out your air in the winter making humidity control much easier
  • Much more stable temperature. Holds house constant within a degree Fahrenheit
  • Eliminates hot/cold spots in the house by equalizing temperature in the house with a lower speed fan running longer at lower temperatures
  • Quieter than traditional systems
  • Geothermal output is about 95 degrees Fahrenheit, almost exactly the same as your body temperature making it very gentle feeling
  • No loud, unsightly air conditioner outside

Efficient and Responsible

  • System efficiencies of 400%-500%
  • No emissions at point of use
  • Safe, no combustion and thus no CO2 and lowered chance of house fires
  • Eliminate gas usage on the property allowing for the possibility of going utility free
  • Substantial warranty for a reliable high quality system
  • Our Geothermal systems provide for 100% of your heating and cooling needs. No backup or auxiliary source needed
  • Equivalent to planting 750 trees


  • With 400%-500% efficiencies you can save up to 50% on heating and 75% on cooling costs
  • Tax free savings, ie. $100 saved on utilities is like making $150 before taxes
  • Based on a $15,000.00 dollar investment the above mentioned $150 dollar a month represents a 10% return on your investment, a safe way to invest your money.
  • Appraised value of home increased by an average of $20,000.00 - $25,000.00 expected return upon selling a home with a geothermal system
  • Grants and rebates of up too $10,000.00

Company Overview

Energy Smart Canada offers full turn-key systems backed by all the certification needed . Energy Smart Canada brings its passion for efficiency and comfort to every system designed and installed. 10 years in business proves that we are here to stay and have the experience necessary for your project.

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