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Caroma is a worldwide leader of innovative bathroom products, including sinks and high efficiency dual flush toilets. Caroma products are used by businesses and households for exceptional performance and stylish design while conserving valuable water resources. Come see us for more information on Caroma products.

Geothermal Energy-The Smartest Way

Energy Smart Canada designs, installs and services geothermal system's. Our heat pumps are supplied by GEO Comfort Geothermal systems,with heating efficiencies of 300-400% and cooling SEER's of 22-27. Without a doubt the smartest way to heat and cool your home. Go to our geothermal product page to learn more about geothermal energy, to read customer testimonials or contact us to design your system.


Why Geothermal? Check here for all the reasons why.

Solar Power - New Technologies

Energy Smart Canada has recently acquired advances in Photovoltaic technologies allowing us to lower the cost of solar power dramatically while also improving solar performance.

We now have individually controlled solar panels with micro inverter technology. Micro inverters eliminate the need for 1 large properly sized inverter, instead ever panel has its very own micro inverter. This allows for a continually upgradeable system, more efficiency out of every panel and the ability to monitor the power production of each panel.

Call Energy Smart Canada or come into the showroom in Lethbridge to get a system designed for your project.

Arctic Spas Lethbridge


Arctic Spas engineered for the world's harshest climates (wherever you happen to live). The only choice, choose Arctic Spas.

Go to our Arctic Spas Lethbridge page: http://www.arcticspaslethbridge.com/


Click Here for the corporate Arctic Spas Website

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